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Tom James here, publisher of A Future Manual, an ongoing attempt to teach people how to get by in the miserable world we’re creating for our children, and their children, and so on. I hope this finds you well?


I'm joking of course. Things are worse than they've ever been. 





















In light of our current national and international meltdowns, and to celebrate reaching 400 parts per million (no going back now), I’ve taken it upon myself to organise a National Rabbit Catching and Fire Starting Tour of the Soon To Be Former UK, starting at the end of this month.


At each stop of the tour, you can learn how to make rabbit snares from discarded computer cables, and how to start a fire with nothing more than flint and steel. At the end of the evening, we’ll cook jacket potatoes in the bonfire, stand around it, talk about the things we’ve seen, and feel just a little bit better about the future.


Dates are:


- Tuesday 25th October - Manchester - Islington Mill 


- Thursday 27th October – Liverpool – The Royal Standard 


- Saturday 29th October – Llwyngwril – A Field Near The Beach (courtesy Shelf Wales)


- Tuesday 1st November – Bristol – Champ Studios


- Wedneday 2nd November – Sheffield – Bloc Projects 


- Friday 4th November – St Leonards-on-Sea – Bargain Studio and The Space Next To Warrior Square Station 


- Friday 2nd December – Birmingham – A3 Project Space




Rabbit catching from 3pm (except Manchester, 4pm, and Birmingham, 4pm)

Fire making from 6pm (except Birmingham 5pm). 

Bonfire til LATE LATE LATE

Cost: pay what you can. Euros gladly accepted. 

No rabbits will be hurt in the making of this workshop. 

No caps, no hoods, no attitude.


Please do come along. 


Very best wishes,


Tom James


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