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SHELF  proudly present              our first  of 4 amazing curatorial collective residencies  @ SPANISH CITY 2018-19.

Paradise  Noise


10am - 10pm daily 

PV 6-9PM 27.09.2018

for more info contact M I L K

Image 26-09-2018 at 13.39.jpg

Suzy Babington Paradise Noise 📸 Matt Antoniak

Paradise Noise Suzy Babington

M I L K are pleased to present Paradise Noise, a solo exhibition by Suzy Babington.  Suzy is an artist based in Leeds, working in painting and drawing, and at SHELF Spanish City is presenting a series of recent works made over the past year. 

This exhibition has been facilitated by SHELF, an artist-run organisation based between Leeds and London.  Paradise Noise is the second of five residencies at Spanish City running until spring 2019.  The other organisations involved including SHELF, are i o u a ePERICLO and IKO.  

Suzy Babington (b.1992). Recent exhibitions include:  3x3 Works, Suzy Babington, Three Works, Scarborough (solo); 28th December 1980, Asylum Studios, Suffolk; Headbanger, Assembly House, Leeds (solo); Got if for cheap Worldwide, Vancouver, Standard Oslo, Copenhagen, 0-0 LA Los Angeles; Did Piks, Lady Beck, Leeds; La Did Blesse, Tramps Gallery, London; The Ingram Collection YCT, The Cello Factory, London; If it Bends its funny, If it breaks its not funny..., Bosse & Baum, London.

For information on works or anything else - contact MILK at  

For information on Shelf Spanish City or anything else contact SHELF


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